Gondal Medical Complex

About Gondal Medical Complex


About Gondal Medical Complex

Gondal Medical Complex & Diagnostic Center has been serving in the field of health care for last 19 years in Gujranwala. Gondal Medical Complex & Diagnostic Center is situated in the central area of the Gujranwala city. This hospital consist 14 different departments, 45 beds and 3 latest operation theaters, Digital X-ray laboratory, Latest MRI and CT Scan Machine.

Gondal Medical Complex is one of the leading providers of independent health care services. Committed to quality and value.

Gondal Medical Complex offers modern technology and advanced surgical procedures combined with personal, professional care at very competent rates. Quality care naturally depends on quality people. Dedicated, highly trained staff at every level helps to ensure the best possible treatment while making every patient stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

We are located at a very approachable place i.e Munir Chowk, Hospital Road Gujranwala , it is known to be heart of Medical field in Gujranwala.

We believe in establishing a close relationship between medical professional and their patients. Our resident medical officers support the consultants and are on duty hours a day. These resident Doctors are available to any patients who need them, and are responsible for carrying out the consultants instructions. The Nurses who provide the immediate care are fully qualified and under go regular training to update their professional skills and to keep on the training and development of all clinical and non clinical staff.

After the selection period the new employee must oriented to the hospital. Orientation not only improves the rate at which employee are able to perform their but also helps employees to satisfy their personal desire to feel like they are part of the Hospital’s social fabric. Our supervisors, in coordination with the human resource department, complete the orientation by introducing new employee to co-workers and other involved in that particular job.



Gondal Medical Complex & Diagnostic Center will be recognized as one of the best health care Hospital in Gujranwala and we can achieve this by providing best quality health care that meet services to patient their families and other whom we are serving dedicatedly by providing outstanding work environment that factor mutation and commitment in Gondal Medical Complex & Diagnostic Center should.

  • Provide the recognized for the Best Medicine.



At Gondal Medical Complex & Diagnostic Center, we are committed to provide Healthcare of the Highest Quality in a Compassionate, Friendly, and Professional Environment.



As a well reputed institution in Gujranwala City, in achieving the mission, we will from the health care experience through a culture of caring, quality, safety and service our goal is to make Gondal Medical Complex & Diagnostic Center be recognized by employee, physicians, patients and community as.

  • The best place of the work.
  • The best place to practice medicine.
  • The best place to receive care.
  • QUALITY By setting and surpassing higher standards, we will continue to build a smarter, faster, more efficient organization that delivers excellent appropriate care in the right place at the right time.
  • COMPASSION Our culture of caring will be unmistakable in every personal interaction as we treat individual, families and colleagues with empathy, honesty and openness.
  • RESPECT We will treat each individual with caring consideration and value the diverse perspectives each one of them can bring.
  • TEAMWORK Embrace a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to clinical care, teaching and research.